Our values :
Boss Sweets and Food has always maintained 100% fresh and quality production while providing the tastiest sweets and bakeries in Bangladesh. Starting from raw materials of sweet production, Boss Sweets owns and manages every section of their production process.Milk for producing sweets are also produced by themselves, and is produced 100% natural from cows of their own farm.

Quality Assurance:
All Boss sweets are produced from pure ingredients and the milk is sourced locally. The sweets are made in our factory under the most hygienic coditions and reach our outlets in a fresh and perfect state. Quality is strictly controlled in all stages of production. Thus, we proudly claim our products are infused with "wholesome goodness". We do not add any food ADDITIVES or PRESERVATIVES and therefore recommend storing our quality sweets in a cool place (below 4 degree celcius)
Seeing is believing, which is why we welcome everyone to visit our factory and experience the art of sweet-making !


Our Team :
In the main branch of the Boss Sweets, 100 skilled craftsmen are self-employed. And in different branches, 100 workers are working day and night. Some workers have been working in the same institution for more than 10 years.

Message from Owner :
“For almost 10 years, Boss Sweets is serving their customers. We all consider our family class or children as equal. Each of the boss confectionery stores has the best quality and healthy foods. Sweet and bakery products are made in 100% Pure Food Certification and Healthy Environment. And the prices are also cheaper than our food need. We, the owners want to serve you the best food for your child or family.”


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